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Corbyn should thank the Conservatives for paving the way for his ‘kinder politics’

Prime Minister David Cameron may have paved the way for Jeremy Corbyn becoming a real contender in the next General Election. In his article ‘How Capitalism Changes Conscience’, Jonathan Haidt explains how the… Continue reading

Broken Britain: the General Election Legacy

  In what has been one of the biggest and longest election campaigns, David Cameron and the Conservative Party will rule the nation for another five years. But what do the results reveal… Continue reading


On Tuesday 24th March, Channel 4 ran an ‘If We Ran Things’ event where young people, including myself, had the opportunity to voice our concerns to MPs in the run up to the… Continue reading

Reflection on the General Election

Four months after the media chaos, frenzy among households and battle between the supporters of the three leading parties, I feel the need to reflect upon my interview with MP Charles Kennedy. Thursday… Continue reading