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EU Referendum: The Facts

The debate on whether Britain should remain within or leave the European Union has become complicated because political parties are not taking a unified party line and individuals such as Boris Johnson, who… Continue reading

I am afraid of the dark

‘I am afraid of the dark’ is a common sentence children say. Why are they scared? Is it the monsters under their bed? Is it the fear of the unknown? You may think… Continue reading

Wednesday’s World News Updates: My Views

Wednesday’s Weekly News Update: My Views Many of today’s front pages pay tribute to the iconic actor Robin Williams who has died at the age of 63. On Monday 11th August, Williams was… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast

Cosmetic surgery has become as popular as buying a lip-plumping gloss. Media infects society with the notion that beauty is Cheryl Cole’s perfect teeth, which are of course cosmetic and false. Glowing, non-wrinkled… Continue reading