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Sleeping on the streets

As a journalist, I feel I have a duty to inform and educate people. But as a person, I feel I have a duty and responsibility to educate myself; particularly on matters that… Continue reading

Sikhs do Skydive

They say that a friend is someone who stands by you even when you are doing something crazy. Although I thought I was the crazy one, I awoke at 5am for a two-hour… Continue reading

Model Behaviour

‘Modelling is a disrespectful profession.’  ‘Modelling is a hobby only, and that is all it should ever be.’ Being a model has received paramount scepticism. Coming from an Asian background, I have seen… Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Poise. Make some noise for the hottest event of the season. London Fashion Week! Where all of the top fashion designers, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, and Paul Smith to name a few, are all… Continue reading