A Confession of a Shopaholic

Why a book is your best friend… and not those absolutely fabulous Jimmy Choos… (because the stiletto heel is bound to break soon………….) It had been a week and I could not take… Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Poise. Make some noise for the hottest event of the season. London Fashion Week! Where all of the top fashion designers, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, and Paul Smith to name a few, are all… Continue reading

Punjabi English Stage Play

Who would have thought that a drama based on a Punjabi man who is feeling the stress of having to provide for his family would be so comical? Maybe it was the amusing… Continue reading

Olympic Games organisers open the floor to BBC

The 2012 Olympic Games are looming. Thousands of jobs have been created and parts of East London have been rapidly developed. But with questionable benefits to London residents and an ever-increasing budget, what… Continue reading

Youth sector services under scrutiny

This summer I travelled around the country with a team from journalism company ‘Headliners’ to conduct broadcast interviews for the organisation ‘Centre for Excellence and Outcomes’ (C4EO).   C4EO work with local authorities… Continue reading

Reflection on the General Election

Four months after the media chaos, frenzy among households and battle between the supporters of the three leading parties, I feel the need to reflect upon my interview with MP Charles Kennedy. Thursday… Continue reading