Bring Back Our Girls As part of my dance class, we discuss issues girls face. One of the biggest issues is the right to education so we joined in with the #BringBackOurGirls campaign with the hope… Continue reading

Stop in your tracks

Look at the picture above. Let’s say the stones are metaphorical of your inner emotions, desires, and dreams. Do you see the horizontal, wooden panels that resemble the steps of a ladder? The… Continue reading

The Real Reasons for UKIP’s Rise

Culminating aggression, racism, sexism and Islamaphobia begs the question: why has the UK Independence Party’s popularity increased? Immigration and welfare are the two major issues concerning the nation. After the triple recession, the… Continue reading

Politics, People and Power On many recent discussion and debate shows, young people have aired the same concerns – that the government is neither for them, with them or about them. Disengaged in politics because of… Continue reading

International Women’s Day

Hello everyone! Happy Women’s Day! Here is a video of my talk at Havering’s International Women’s Day. This year, I am dedicating International Women’s Day to my aunt who passed away yesterday after… Continue reading

Big Fish, Small Fried Town

Yes, that’s right. Big fish, small fried town not big fried fish, small town. This week, I visited the beautiful city of Bristol where small shops line the clean streets and although the… Continue reading

One Street, the State Welfare, a Nation in Uproar

One of the questions on BBC Question Time was: Is Benefits Street an example of “Broken Britain” and what can be done to stop people living off of the state. Channel 4’s Benefits… Continue reading

A Thousand Splendid Suns

‘A Thousand Splendid Suns that hide behind her walls’; Laila and Mariam that hide behind her walls. The title of the novel ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ written by Khaled Hosseini is taken from… Continue reading

Speaking out on Cyrus

Speaking out on Cyrus and even commenting on the Miley Cyrus situation has taken me a while because, apart from the fact I prefer to refrain from being judgemental, I have been torn… Continue reading

Chemical Reaction: One Minute Read

The body experiences many chemical reactions. These are often called emotions. Anger is a common emotion. Sometimes we feel angry when somebody jumps the queue because it is a pure injustice. Sometimes we… Continue reading

Michael Clark Company: Triple Bill

Michael Clark Company, Barbican, London: review As a novice to abstract dance, the Michael Clark Company: Triple Bill held at the Barbican Centre was contemporary and captivating. As though watching quartet notes coming… Continue reading

Atif Aslam: the King of Rock ‘n’ Romance

Atif Aslam is an international, renowned Bollywood and Hollywood pop sensation who has wowed audiences with his unique voice and spectacular stage presence. I met the king of rock and romance to find… Continue reading

LFW Fashion International SS14

With a backstage pass to this year’s London Fashion Week Fashion International opening show, I had the chance to see the organisation of the big night, take pictures of the show-stopping catwalk, get… Continue reading


If my neighbour peered out of her window right now, she would think I am crazy, But I am doing what one should experience at least once in one’s life; I am star-gazing.… Continue reading

Sikhs do Skydive

They say that a friend is someone who stands by you even when you are doing something crazy. Although I thought I was the crazy one, I awoke at 5am for a two-hour… Continue reading

Premiere of “The Island”

After attending fashion designer Danish Wakeel’s clothing launch ‘Peacock Revolution’ at The Hilton Hotel last summer, I expected the premiere of his film ‘The Island’ to be as quirky as his clothing collection.… Continue reading

The Joy in Journey

When walking in a forest, parts of the path are smooth. But some parts have rocks that cause us to stumble and fall. We endure cuts and grazes but while walking along the… Continue reading

Access All Areas – Top Model UK and Worldwide

Two evenings of glamour, beauty, high fashion and top models in one room could only mean one thing – the Grand Finals of Top Model UK and Worldwide. UK finalists took to the… Continue reading

What would you attempt to do if failure was not an option?

Tick tock on the clock. Two weeks until the deadline. A blank document awaits 5000 words; a pile of books filled with thoughts are waiting to be opened, analysed and critiqued; and the… Continue reading

Why letting go of your ego is fundamental to your Being.

Sigmund Freud believes that the id is the irrational, even Dionysian, component of our nature which contains our inner-most unconscious desires. The super-ego is the part that controls and heeds these desires so… Continue reading