Life lessons on how to achieve when you put your mind to it

You may have heard of Tony Robbins. He’s a motivational speaker who proves you can control your mind to the point where you are able to walk on fire without burning your feet.  I took part in… Continue reading

International Women’s Day

Have you been harassed? WE will put a stop to it

Today is 1st March where the hashtags #ZeroDiscrimination and #ZeroTolerance are trending. It is also a time when statistics show us that one incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every… Continue reading

Conceive, believe, achieve

Applied for a job , got another rejection, No-one ever taught me that failure is a lesson. Fell off my bike once never tried it again, Never borrowed any stabilizers from a friend.… Continue reading

Broken your ‘New Year’s resolutions’ already? Don’t worry they were meaningless

The New Year is a time when people generally create a list of to-do’s, changes they want to make to their lives, and adopt the saying ‘new year, new me’. But it is… Continue reading

The Graveyard

Gravel, mixed cement, rubble, Sombre after the smoke, Bare bones turned to ash, Or lowered and laid to rest. While others seek solace and shelter, Grieving and continuing to hear, Life goes on;… Continue reading

Women who are fat or too skinny should not be on TV

This weekend, the women of television show The X Factor came under the spotlight, but not in relation to music. Host Caroline Flack was inundated with cruel jibes about her appearance and weight… Continue reading

Corbyn should thank the Conservatives for paving the way for his ‘kinder politics’

Prime Minister David Cameron may have paved the way for Jeremy Corbyn becoming a real contender in the next General Election. In his article ‘How Capitalism Changes Conscience’, Jonathan Haidt explains how the… Continue reading

It’s Not a Numbers Game: Wake-up, This Is Real

One image gripped a nation, touched consciences, and turned the tide of emotion surrounding the ‘migrant crisis’ overnight. The shocking image of a three-year-old boy’s body washed up on the shores of a… Continue reading

‘Clap, Clap, Clap’

Imagine you are standing at a busy train station. You are standing at one side and watching people flock past you. A group of college kids on their travels are following each other two-by-two… Continue reading

Is being heterosexual out fashion?

In June, more than 26 million people placed a rainbow flag over their Facebook profile pictures to ‘celebrate’ Pride and show their support of same-sex marriage. Also in June, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known… Continue reading

Train Ramblings: a poem

I am writing a poem, but where to begin? Start from the outside and work my way in? A head full of hair, golden brown, Strong eyes, small nose, full lips all my… Continue reading

Caitlyn Jenner should make us all think of gender differently

Transgender Olympic champion, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, revealed her true self on the front cover of Vanity Fair. Coming out of surgery as Caitlyn, she has been the topic of discussion on… Continue reading

What will the new government do for me?

A new government is in power. What will it do for me? How deprived or prosperous will I be thanks to Prime Minister David Cameron? I studied at a state school during the… Continue reading

Broken Britain: the General Election Legacy

  In what has been one of the biggest and longest election campaigns, David Cameron and the Conservative Party will rule the nation for another five years. But what do the results reveal… Continue reading

What are you eating?

Have you ever seen a flock of birds fight over one piece of bread even though there are many other pieces scattered around the garden? Maybe that one piece of bread is under… Continue reading


On Tuesday 24th March, Channel 4 ran an ‘If We Ran Things’ event where young people, including myself, had the opportunity to voice our concerns to MPs in the run up to the… Continue reading

Sleeping on the streets

As a journalist, I feel I have a duty to inform and educate people. But as a person, I feel I have a duty and responsibility to educate myself; particularly on matters that… Continue reading

Let’s protect the female foetus and women

As an advocate of women’s rights, it is outrageous that various groups and individuals have spoken out against tightening laws on gender-based abortions. Today, MPs will vote on whether to amend the serious… Continue reading

How to crawl effectively

Vulnerability is sometimes viewed as a negative emotion. It reveals to us a side we cannot completely control; it exposes us to others. With competition high, we cannot afford to be or even… Continue reading