UK Ambassador of Binti


‘Menstruation is a completely natural part of being a woman. But it is often seen as ‘dirty’, with a stigma attached to it that puts girls and women at a disadvantage; such as not being able to attend school or work. Actually, menstruation is beautiful because it enables some women to bear children. It gives women the opportunity to give birth to queens and kings, princesses and princes. Therefore, sanitary towels are a basic human right for a natural, biological process. Women and girls deserve the right to sanitary towels so that they can fulfil their daily activities, education and work rather than being thrust into poverty, inequality and injustice. Binti not only provides sanitary towels to those in need, but also provide a much-needed re-education of menstruation as natural and normal.’


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Sleeping on the streets for homelessness – raising money for YMCA RomfordHOMELESS CHALLENGE

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Hosting the ‘Bollywood Extravaganza’ show, with all funds donated to St Mary’s Hospice, Birmingham

Working with the Salvation Army, Romford Essexsalvation-army