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The Joy in Journey

When walking in a forest, parts of the path are smooth. But some parts have rocks that cause us to stumble and fall. We endure cuts and grazes but while walking along the… Continue reading

What would you attempt to do if failure was not an option?

Tick tock on the clock. Two weeks until the deadline. A blank document awaits 5000 words; a pile of books filled with thoughts are waiting to be opened, analysed and critiqued; and the… Continue reading

Why letting go of your ego is fundamental to your Being.

Sigmund Freud believes that the id is the irrational, even Dionysian, component of our nature which contains our inner-most unconscious desires. The super-ego is the part that controls and heeds these desires so… Continue reading

The Roots of Success

When we plant a seed, the sky provides water and light, thus the flower grows and provides aesthetic beauty for us humans and pollen for the bees.  If we did not have flowers,… Continue reading

The Jar – Happy New Year!

Right now this jar is empty. In 2013, every time I do something exciting or achieve something, I will write it on a piece of paper and put it in this jar. I… Continue reading

I give myself to You.

To “justify the ways of God to me” like Milton; this I cannot do. because God is unknown to me how he is unknown to you. And if he is in your mind… Continue reading

Sign Language

Sign Language of the Universe: signs are presented to those who want to see; to those who are ready to see; and to those who believe. Have you ever spoken about something in… Continue reading

Anila Dhami: Short Poems

It has been a long time since I have written poetry. I find that contemporary society no longer gratifies poetry in the way it was appreciated once upon a time. Yet I find… Continue reading

Ask a soldier the meaning of ‘life’

Rather than using a dictionary to define the term ‘life,’ ask a soldier… You may wonder why I am telling you to do such a thing when you can simply define the term… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast

Cosmetic surgery has become as popular as buying a lip-plumping gloss. Media infects society with the notion that beauty is Cheryl Cole’s perfect teeth, which are of course cosmetic and false. Glowing, non-wrinkled… Continue reading

The Spirit of the Past

The past is like a spirit that haunts us forever. Like Ben Okri describes in his “The Famished Road”, the past is like a spirit that ‘will make your life unbearable.’ This spirit… Continue reading

Money Grows on Trees…

Money grows on trees. So you decide to pack up some belongings, say goodbye to your family and friends, and head off to build your house in a forest. In this forest, you… Continue reading