About Anila

Anila is passionate about furthering the evolution of humanity through various mediums including writing. She does this in her own small way by ensuring that we have the opportunity to become an informed electorate; we can all look outwards to ensure gender equality; and look inwards so we can be the best we can be.

Anila studied at a state school and began her journalism journey at the age of 15 when she conducted work experience at Club Asia Radio (now Buzz Asia). She then went on to gain media training and experience with Headliners, radio station LBC, local newspapers Brentwood Gazette and The Romford Recorder, and BBC Factual (Science and Horizon); all while studying a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Literature.

On the completion of her MA, Anila began freelancing as a Broadcast Assistant at the BBC Asian Network, Field Producer at London Live, and Web Content Producer at ITV Central.

Her love for writing has seen her articles published by The Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters Foundations, The Sun, The Opinion Panel and various others including The Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine of which she became Features Editor at the age of 22.

In 2014, at 23-years-old, Anila was a finalist for the ‘Outstanding Young Journalist’ award at the Asian Media Awards, and nominated for the ‘Young People of the Year’ award for her contributions to the community.

At 24, Anila became a Television Presenter for one of the biggest South Asian media companies in the world, Zee TV, with her own show ‘Zee Companion’. She is the first Presenter to also work as a Reporter and Assistant Producer on the show.

She used her platform as a Presenter to fulfil her aims of educating humanity, starting conversations, and shedding light on topics that affect communities, such as women empowerment, domestic abuse, and homosexuality, and shared others’ inspiring stories. Her platform as a journalist is her form of social activism and method to touch and raise consciousnesses.

Also at the age of 24, Anila was voted in as a Candidate for the Women’s Equality Party for the Greater London Assembly election in May 2016. She worked on policy-making for the Party’s key areas: Equal Representation; Equal Pay and Opportunity; Equal Parenting; Transport for all; Affordable Housing; Ending Violence Against Women and Girls; and Equal Enterprise. She campaigned for gender equality and continues to do so. 

Anila has gone on to present for the BBC Asian Network, produce for ITV News and work as a Broadcast Journalist for The Telegraph. Her journey continues and she hopes you’ll stay on the journey with her… 

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