How to find comfort in your future

Many people tend to use the past as a comfort blanket. How many times have you watched your favourite film? Do you have a meal you turn to as a treat after a hard day? A perfume to remember a person? A song with lyrics that take you back to a special moment? I admit that when I am tired and need some comfort, I’ll reread a book or watch a movie I know all the words to. The Holiday features heavily in our house!

And then I realised: the past is a comfort zone because we know what it consists of. It’s the familiar. It is also unconducive to change and therefore unhealthy considering every single second is the future and our lives consist of constant change. We often, however, feel uncomfortable with the future because of this constant change.

So I asked myself: how do you find comfort in the future?

I greatly believe in vision boards. If you take what is in your mind and put it into a physical picture, see it, touch it, and say it aloud, you’re already one step closer to it manifesting in reality because you’re starting to make it real. Thoughts lead to words which in turn lead to actions.

Every morning, I had been climbing out of bed and looking at a vision board with all my dreams side-by-side but with other people living that dream. For example, Oprah Winfrey hosting her own television show and Karren Brady on the header of her own column. I started to feel even more frustrated that I hadn’t yet accomplished these goals and worse still, resentment towards the people in the pictures. I quickly acknowledged this was not how I wanted to feel about my idols and women who have long-inspired me.

So after some analysis and discussion, I produced a vision board consisting of me living my dreams. I thought if I have pictures of myself doing all the things I want but now on a bigger scale, I would be constantly reminded of how I had done it before so can do it again.

But I had blocked myself and put up a barrier. I could see what I had done from a previous vision board and be able to acknowledge my achievements but I could not see past them to where I want to be. The familiarity and the knowledge that what I had once envisioned had worked before did not push me to anywhere. It was a comfort blanket to tell me I will be okay because I was once before.

Now, I have combined the two. I have pictures of my past to show that I have done it before and I can do it again. Why? Because the stepping stones always connected in the past so they will in the future. And I have placed Oprah, Karren and all the other amazing women whose work inspires me every day next to the images of my past so I can see a clear path from the past to the future.

oprah winfrey.jpg

This enables me to wake up with focus and goals to get from one image to the other, and to enjoy the steps of the journey. Also, I have now erased negative feelings such as resentment and instead feel I have my sisters with me side-by-side championing my path having paved the way for me and countless others. I am in competition with nothing but my next goal. And I have positive feelings surrounding my dreams.

So find comfort in the knowledge that you have been where you need to be, and that you are every day and every moment progressing to the next place you need to arrive to in order to get to where you want. Have focus and have a vision.