Brexit from a human view

When a baby is born the first thing we do,
Is name it a boy and girl and dress it in pink or blue.

We give the baby a label and suddenly it is defined,
And then it carries the weight of the world; your class, your religion, your mind.

Though it seems a baby grows in chronology, and life is linear,
The truth is that the journey of life is never just that clear.

Isn’t life all a matter of ‘passing the time’?

We get to the goal and the post moves,
Which means in essence our sense of time is an illusion,
And the future is an anonymous location.

All is indefinite.

So while you think that voting ‘out’ is a clear and definite view,
Think about how time is an illusion and that there is no difference between me and you.

Nigel Farage says ‘Leave’ because of the queue of refugees,
But remember when little Aylan was swept on the shore and it made our hearts bleed?


Think about when a baby comes out of the womb, and we give it a name,
Do you think the name ‘refugee’ is at all a name that is humane?

What labels are real and what are illusory, you still have to pick a side,
Pick the side that does not hate, or discriminate, or see an MP die.

Jo Cox who fought for integration, acceptance and better community,
Versus those who think Britain is better out, who want their sovereignty.

mp jo cox

You want to know the facts, they go like this;

A ‘refugee’ an ‘immigrant’ a ‘Brit’ are all one and the same,
Because the land belongs to neither me or you or any one name.

Why is it that when a Brit goes abroad, we are ‘expats’,
But a brown girl in town is an ‘immigrant’?

These labels we use to define us create segregation,
When the earth we live on is really all one nation.

If a decision to vote leave is what makes Britain ‘Great’ again,

Then you’ve brought into the illusion of a label and a name.

When did we start to believe that our status is bigger than anything else?
When did being British become about ourselves?

No man is an island. No border greater than Earth,
From the womb we came without labels, and humanity is the nation we should serve.

Vote to remain tolerant, remain at peace, and remain in love for your fellow friends,
Because in the womb we had no labels; and we shall die equal in the end.