Trump and Khan: which tower are you standing in?

What’s going on with this world so divided?
There are two twin towers which one are you in have you decided?
Are you with Trump who wants a ban on Muslims in the USA
Or standing with the police against blacks and the KKK.
Or did you vote in Sadiq Khan for London Mayor
Giving the biggest majority ever to a Muslim, did you dare?
Against ISIS? Hate all Muslims.
Against Britain First? I don’t see everyone hating all Brits.
The world seems to be split in two towers of Trumps and Khans
But remember what the partition of ’84 did between India and Pakistan.
When you only have love for your own kind,
You hate to discriminate but you stand in one tower so blind.
It only seems that the world is divided, but UKIP ISIS what’s the difference
Both an ideology, wanting an identity, both extremists
Refugees? They’re not us. Muslim? That’s not me. British? My dream since the colony
Do we vote in or do we vote out?
Where will the power lie? that’s all they care about.
But what does divide really create?
Think about Marx and the Proletariat
The greater the divide the more power in one hand
Think about who you’re holding up in the tower in which you stand.
Bin Laden said ‘tell them these events have to divide the world into two camps’
While Bush told us ‘every nation has a choice to make. In this conflict there is no neutral ground’.
Essentially you pick a side and choose
But is the choice so different who will really lose?
Whose pockets are you lining with money so he stands tall
Lets look at Beyonce and Jay Z and the range rover that went viral
Think about whose fire you’re fuelling
Whose hands are still together while yours are burning?
Whose position is being kept while you keep falling?
Some are team Khan, while some are team Trump,
Which one of the towers are you standing up?
If you look out the window, you’ll see they’re exactly the same.