Life lessons on how to achieve when you put your mind to it

You may have heard of Tony Robbins. He’s a motivational speaker who proves you can control your mind to the point where you are able to walk on fire without burning your feet. 

I took part in a training session with the Women’s Equality Party before becoming a Candidate for them on harnessing the strength of the mind. Standing in a circle, one by one we were pushed and all fell. After a series of exercises, including imagining our feet are rooted to the ground and our heads are being lifted, we were pushed and this time our feet were as solid as rocks.

Such is the power of the mind. But how do you get to that level in your every day life? How do you elevate yourself so much from normal daily duties so that you can achieve anything you want to when you put your mind to it?

Well, I went from a very good state school and excellent universities, but never studied journalism and have become a TV Presenter and Journalist. I didn’t study at Eton but found myself in politics. It’s been a huge learning curve. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt that will hopefully help you:

  1. Have a vision
    One year ago, I created my first vision board. You can see the comparisons below to see how they manifested into reality for me. After that vision came to fruition, I created a new one which is currently on my wall. Pictures of my goals are the first thing I see in the morning. Every morning, I say out loud what each picture represents and what I am doing now to achieve that. It not only gives you a sense of your vision coming true, but reminds you that if you’re not already you have to take steps to achieving your dreams. One step a day is all it takes to be living it because the journey counts maybe more than the goal. 

    A friend of mine once asked me: ‘what do you want to do?’ I replied ‘help people and give women a voice’. At the time, I was blogging about issues women face and active about these issues on social media. He showed me the perspective that actually I was already fulfilling my dream but life had given it to me in a way that I had not expected. Nonetheless, I was still doing what I wanted to do. Are you doing what you love but just in a different way?
  2. Stay focused; but don’t isolate yourself from other opportunities
    While it is important to know what you want to do so that you can achieve it, don’t be so focused that you drive down one straight road because some of the greatest adventures and beauty hides in the lanes. It may take you in a horizontal direction rather than vertical, but it’s the details of the leaves that creates the overall beauty of the trees. What you take from each experience, whether aligned to your focus or slightly off tangent, is the key part.
  3. Don’t grab every opportunity
    Just as important as it is to grab opportunities and experience life, learn how to say no. Your time is valuable so use it wisely.
  4. Believe in yourself
    You’ve made it this far! If you can get through all of the heartbreaks, knock-backs, job rejections and family drama, and still be living, breathing, and sometimes smiling (!), you know you can get through anything life throws at you. One of my favourite sayings is ‘God never puts your through anything He doesn’t think you can’t handle’. Whether you believe in God or not, life is full of challenges but remember that time is not constant. 
  5. Believe in your destiny
    If you find it difficult to believe in yourself, sometimes you have to just let go and leave it to destiny. I always tell myself: my destiny is not empty. There is no way that I was born to live a life of nothing. You will have been to school, maybe college, you will have experienced walking down the street, or water from a shower. Life always has something in store so if you let go and leave it to life, and believe in a good dose of karma, you know you’ll always be okay. 
  6. When in doubt, know that others are too
    There was a time when I was so competitive that I always believed I was the winner. If someone else won, I’d truly believe I was still brilliant. Something happens to that confidence as you get older. It could be all the rejections and knock-backs. But sometimes you feel like a fraud. ‘Do I deserve this?’ Actually, it’s normal to doubt yourself because sometimes life can be overwhelming. I deal with that by looking at the steps it has taken me to get to where I am today. At 25 years old, it’s taken many years of work experience and pushing the barriers to be where I am at today. Class presentations helped with public speaking. Selling on a market stall helped me communicate. It all counts.
  7. Write down your accomplishments
    As self-doubt can seep in any time, and thoughts are extremely important in harnessing the power of the mind, have a ‘Little Book of Bliss’. I write my achievements and the things that make me happy and it reminds me why life is beautiful. Also, reading back ‘spending time with family’ or ‘eating an ice cream’ makes you realise how important the ‘small things’ are in the grand scheme of it all. 

  8. Read your accomplishments
    Reading your own achievements is not an arrogant act but a reminder of where life has taken you and how you became who you are today. Recently, someone reminded me of an article I wrote three years ago and they loved it. I was surprised as I would not have considered my writing as being ‘good’ three years ago – it took someone else to remind me. So read your accomplishments – and actually a cheeky 8.1 is be around supportive people who will tell you how great you are! We all need a cheerleader (or few)!
  9. When in fear, know there is always hope because life goes on
    We all fear change. I think my fear of change came from those long six weeks summer holidays when I worried that I wouldn’t have any friends when I returned, and that I’d forgotten all of the work from my previous year. As I’ve got older, the fear of change has been around having stability; too much change means instability which makes settling down more difficult. I say, take the ladder of life leading to that window and place it sideways so that it’s leading to a door. Who wants to get to peek inside a window when you can walk into an entire whole door?
  10. Don’t let the fear of others hold you back
    Society has set rules. Whether we are aware of it or not, living within the parameters of society keeps us safe and on the ‘right’ path. Maybe that’s why I have got to where I am today – and had a taste of politics which I didn’t think would ever happen. It’s because I’ve fought against what I should stereotypically be doing and the parameters society put in place for me. You have to be a bit of a rebel with a cause to get anywhere in life. No-one ever went down in history for playing by the rules.

Currently writing a book on the lessons of life, so please share your thoughts on this blog post!