Conceive, believe, achieve

Applied for a job , got another rejection,
No-one ever taught me that failure is a lesson.
Fell off my bike once never tried it again,
Never borrowed any stabilizers from a friend.
If they said I’d reach the end, of the road, after trying twice,
That failure ain’t rejection its progression, I’d have tried for the thrice.
Small town, big fish, parents working day and night,
Get a dollar, get a dime, you won’t get out you little mite.
The Big Apple has big dreamers, this town has the biggest drain system,
Your dreams are dreams turn them into your mission.
Living with no concept of the rich, inside a bubble,
Don’t let the city pollute or burst it, use it to travel.
Living in the green means you see,
Past the pollution through the fog, see inside me.
What do you value what is your purpose why
Ask yourself this to understand and try
To see beyond what society tells us so and is right
Be a rebel with a cause, hold your dream and hold it tight.
You thought it you conceived it who told you it’s not real?
Who told you you won’t make it who made the great big steal?
Conceive, think, believe, achieve and let the universe respond back,
Because everything’s a vibration, what you send out you’ll attract.
We’re all breathing living spirits in a body,
All One body means you can be anybody
Just like the spirit takes form in the human realm,
Why don’t you recognise the power sitting inside yourself?
Your dreams never leave you, you leave them behind,
But who told you you can’t achieve whatever’s in your mind?
Conceive, think, believe, achieve.