Broken your ‘New Year’s resolutions’ already? Don’t worry they were meaningless

The New Year is a time when people generally create a list of to-do’s, changes they want to make to their lives, and adopt the saying ‘new year, new me’. But it is also traditionally known that the novelty of New Year’s resolutions tend to fizzle out – and not too soon after January! Are you somebody who has set yourself some new goals but broken them already? Not even started to see them through yet? Don’t worry, because NY resolutions are, essentially, meaningless.

new year new you

I cannot say that I am not guilty of the same. In the first few days of the New Year, I updated my social media and pictures on Facebook to denote a fresh start. But I definitely did not hit the gym and this was a conscious effort. I know that I need to exercise, and thanks to my Personal Trainer Rupy G, I have been doing some of Christmas. But only the amount I was doing before January 1st.

Let me explain my reasons by asking you: what exactly is a ‘New Year’s resolution’? It is a goal that you need to start on January 1st and fulfil by the end of the year. This is, quite frankly, meaningless because time is a man-made construct. So, simply speaking, ‘New Year’ is a redundant term because time is continuous and endless.

It is also quite a negative phrase and terminology. It makes us believe that we should only set goals and resolutions on January 1st, and it is only when a new year begins that we can re-create ourselves. Also, it puts a time span (and quite a big one in my eyes!) on our goals – an entire year to lose one stone?! Maybe that’s exactly why I haven’t picked up the guitar I was given last Christmas. I gave myself a ridiculous time span to learn which means I haven’t even bothered yet.

So what about your goals? I am definitely not saying do not set new goals for yourself. Having a vision is great! Do you know when I started my new vision board for a new adventure and new me? In October 2015. Many people called me an ‘eager beaver’ for starting the ‘new me’ before the New Year. I could not quite understand why I would put my dreams on hold because of time which is a man-made construct?

Let me give you another example. I am sure many reading this will have experienced heart break. You feel as though you have lost yourself with the loss of another. You wouldn’t wait until January 1st to start picking up the pieces. Or you would not wait until January 1st to heal a cut that is causing you pain.

So do set yourself targets, but because time is continuous it means that you can set a ‘new year’s resolution’ every day and right at this moment! So you broke yours yesterday by eating a doughnut because you were invited out to a meal. Start exercising again today. Not because it was your resolution for the new year, but because it’s a new moment and new day. Circumstances are never fixed and are always changing.

You cannot foresee your friends inviting you to a meal and you breaking your resolution, but you can do something about it after. However, you are no longer continuing a broken cycle but starting a new one because every day brings you new circumstances and situations. If you look at something as broken, it can be quite demotivating too because you feel as though you have ‘failed’ in the first instance. So look at it as a new cycle and goal.

Nobody said you have to start a whole new life on January 1st. There is a first every minute of the day because each moment that passes will never come back again. Every moment that passes is a new moment. Every second that passes is yours to seize and begin creating! Carpe diem.