The Graveyard

Gravel, mixed cement, rubble,

Sombre after the smoke,

Bare bones turned to ash,

Or lowered and laid to rest.

While others seek solace and shelter,

Grieving and continuing to hear,

Life goes on; death the fear.

‘BOOM’! goes the bomb,

1, 2, 3, ‘BOOM’ again and ‘screams’.

Should we plan the day,

And write down whom will come,

When we don’t have a hand,

In deciding who will pull the trigger of the gun?

We vote them in, we vote them out,

But what choice do we really have?

In life our death will inevitably be,

But when will it happen to you or me?

Once upon a time, we left it up to God

Believing we were locked by chains

To a higher power or entity.

Only now have we opened our eyes

To see who we’re chained to,

They hold the key and can pull it whenever they choose.

Here I walk through this peaceful place where others have cried and mourned,

And where bodies lie and sleep,

And wonder what’s happening on another place on earth,

Where there is no time to mourn, and innocent bodies in rubble lie deep.