‘Clap, Clap, Clap’

Imagine you are standing at a busy train station. You are standing at one side and watching people flock past you. A group of college kids on their travels are following each other two-by-two to ensure they do not lose one another as they walk past you. Their line is never-ending. Suddenly, you hear a noise and your eyes turn to the front of the line where, out of the blue, one of the girls begins to clap. Clapping in sequence to something in her mind or a pattern they all recognise as if their trademark. As if the symbol of the pack. Like sheep recognise and understand the bark of the dog and follow its instructions, this girl begins to clap. Clap, clap, clap. As members of the group walk past you, they have heard the clapping and some have quickly followed suit. Some hear it and laugh but do not clap; they hear it nonetheless.

If you have ever been to a football match, or watched one on television, it is something similar to that of a Mexican Wave. Some partake, but all see it.

It’s amazing how the action of one can lead to influencing the action of others so much so that they imitate. It only takes the voice of one to change the speech of many.

That’s you. You have a voice and you have the power to influence many.

I had a conversation this morning with my mother about homosexuality and how some find it difficult to tell their parents but in 10-15 years time, nobody will bat an eyelid. I responded that actually, it is only because we are talking about it now that change will occur otherwise we will be in the same situation as we are today.

The same goes for anything life. Is there something you are so passionate about that you want to voice? Because if you speak, someone else will respond. A conversation will begin. And according to Quantum Mechanics, and something I believe in, everything is energy. We send out vibrations through this energy that touches others — the clapping; the Mexican Wave are examples of energy and vibrations creating movement.

Today, what will your vibrations create?

I saw that group of college kids on the underground yesterday and this Blog post is what it led to.