What will the new government do for me?

A new government is in power. What will it do for me? How deprived or prosperous will I be thanks to Prime Minister David Cameron?

I studied at a state school during the Blair years and viewed myself as ‘privileged’. So privileged, in fact, that my friends still remind me of how I boasted about how I will get a book published (I had one poem published in an anthology)!

Was I delusional? No. Rather, I had no concept of class or difference. I was unaware that somebody at Eton was being given opportunities while I was searching for them. I never questioned what the government was doing for me over questioning ‘what am I doing for myself?’

From organising an event to promote diversity just in case I wanted to become an events planner, to partaking in my local Youth Council just in case I became Prime Minister one day(!) This is not naïve. What is the difference in the end of somebody being fed the silver spoon than feeding yourself? Both are fed in the end. And actually one is more capable of holding a spoon than the other.

With the Conservatives in power for another term, a great focus has been placed on the greater class divide meaning we have lost sight of that creative ambition that once drove us as children to want to be a fireman, teacher, doctor, and superman. But we can get this creativity back.

In the fast-paced race of life, I meditate. It reminds me who I am and where I am in relation to the world.

Before landing a job as a television presenter at Zee TV, I meditated and had a focus. I knew I wanted to revolutionise journalism and revive it from the crisis it was facing in losing public integrity and trust.

As you may have read in my ‘About’ section, I have had set aims for what I want to achieve from my career in journalism. To inform, educate, challenge norms and be a force of good. Unconventional aims yet never, in my eyes, unachievable. And I believe we all need to reconnect in a positive way (previous articles explain this further) which is why my chat show has viewer interaction and a phone-in system.

Knowing my aims and the message I wanted to portray meant I had a huge platform when I was offered at job in television. It is more than a chat show but fulfils my inner consciousness. Just like a schoolroom is a teacher’s stage, and the doctor’s surgery is the doctor’s chat show.

Understand the key attributes of your personality and inner self that ultimately make you. Then strive towards your goal and thrive. Knowing what you dislike is just as important as knowing what you like.

Ask yourself: what are my aims? What do I intend to achieve with those aims? What am I fulfilling in myself by achieving these aims and intentions?

By knowing your intentions, everything you begin to do will fulfil your Being. Your heightened sense of consciousness will fuel every step so you eventually stamp your mark on the world.

Sometimes, guests I interview are nervous. Before I go into the studio, I tell them to focus on the message they want to get across than the fact they are on television. Your calling is higher. And it is amazing that they instantly relax. That is because we are all trying to fulfil our higher calling even if we are not aware of it.

You may view me as idealistic. But not everyone in poverty or from disadvantaged backgrounds stay in those circumstances. Actively seek opportunities and focus on you. Know yourself so you are prepared for the moment when it comes. And it will. Because the moment you run towards your dreams, they begin chasing you too.

Many of you may already know I am a great fan of Paulo Coelho’s writings. I follow the belief that the universe conspires to giving you all you want when you have set your sights on it. It knows when the correct moment is. So sometimes having to wait is necessary too.

I am also a believer in the law of physics that says ‘what goes around comes around’. So whatever you put out there will come back full-circle. What do you want to put out? What would you like to see return?

This is not madness. According to a branch of physics, our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies, which means we are all connected to one another and to the world. If you are a believer of God, you may believe God created the world so resides in all His creation – which includes you. The concepts are not so different in that the power lies in you and the external can, to a large extent, be controlled.

I am 1 of 4 presenters representing Zee TV in the UK and Europe. I still live in the same house with my family in my small town, but in my eyes it is a kingdom. Because from within it has stemmed every goal and achievement and not a single wall enclosed my dreams or stopped me from becoming what I am capable of being. (All peoples mentioned have and continue to be supportive).

So let’s stop focusing on what the government and David Cameron will do for us. What will you do for you and for the world?

I will leave you with this quote:


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