How to crawl effectively

Vulnerability is sometimes viewed as a negative emotion. It reveals to us a side we cannot completely control; it exposes us to others.

With competition high, we cannot afford to be or even appear vulnerable because the minute we begin crawling instead of running, someone else is sprinting past.

We are conditioned to think like this from an early age. A family member told me that, regardless of having children and knowing how to potty train, she has been sent to potty-training lessons for one of her sons.

But is vulnerability a big thing, even in the rat race?

Let’s take a break-up. Although a relationship is two people coming together rather than immersing, you have open wounds after a breakup.

What do you do to heal the wound?

The saying ‘time is a healer’ is true. You take some time, acknowledge your emotions, and slowly rebuild the skin so it is thicker and stronger. You may also reshape and slightly recreate yourself to ensure you are stronger than before.

Like a house that is made of straw, it will form a different shape with different edges and textures when made out of bricks after it has been blown down by the big bad wolf.

The same can be applied to any aspect of one’s life. We are constantly creating ourselves so we become better a self.

Vulnerability is not vulnerability but strength and authenticity.

At 23 years old, I have big dreams and big aims. I am extremely fortunate to have got my break in television so I can pursue my aims of informing, educating and inspiring, and on a larger scale. But I am not going to pretend I have not sometimes felt like a baby being pushed out of a pram and expected to crawl.

The key thing is that I have channelled the pushes and nudges into crawling faster. I am no longer strapped in a buggy but have freedom to grow and exercise so I can eventually crawl, walk, run and sprint.

Every so often there is a slight stumble but the cycle begins again. And every time the cycle occurs, it’s a new experience. So learning to crawl is not a negative and actually extremely effective. And being vulnerable is actually exciting and a pure sign of strength and self-development. And in fact it is what I believe is one of the factors that makes me a strong woman.

I make my Zee TV debut on Thursday 26th February and am excited about sharing my cycles with you!