Stop in your tracks


Look at the picture above. Let’s say the stones are metaphorical of your inner emotions, desires, and dreams. Do you see the horizontal, wooden panels that resemble the steps of a ladder? The technical term for them is Ties. The Ties are metaphorical of the big events in your life. The metal parts that the train runs along resembles your physical, material body that encompasses the stones and the Ties which are you inner emotions, desires, dreams and big life events. And the train? The train is life itself.

Sometimes, the train that represents life is fleeting and sometimes it is slow. But how many times do you acknowledge when the train hits a stone – when life hits a dream? How many time do you realise that the Tie, the big event is life, could have happened without those small stones in between? And how many dream that have come true have gone unacknowledged because the train of life is travelling to fast so it reaches the next station on time?

A recent telephone conversation with a friend went like this:

Me: “I still haven’t had my break in television presenting”
Friend: “What exactly do you want to do?”
Me: “I want to be a TV presenter and write articles for newspapers”
Friend: “Why?”
Me: “Because I want to talk about current new and issues and be a voice for women who are suffering some kind of trauma but don’t have the platform I have”
Friend: “From what I’ve seen, you’re already doing that. Being a television presenter is secondary to the desire – the purpose – the ‘why’ which is primary”.

After this conversation, I realised that many stones have been and are constantly being touched but my train of life has been moving so quickly that I haven’t stopped at a station for a break to admire the view. Of course, I am always grateful for everything in my life – whether good or bad. But putting all of those Ties and stones together, dreams and big events, creates a feeling of overwhelming gratitude to the universe, or God, or whatever you believe in.

For example, my dream as a journalist has always been to work for the BBC. I interned there last year. Regardless of it being an internship, I still fulfilled a dream regardless of the capacity it came in.

How many things have you dreamt of and desired that you now realise came to you in another shape or form?

When Betty from Ugly Betty launched her own Blog as a way to reach out to people, I immediately loved the idea of connecting to people through words and writing. If you are reading this now – thank you. You are touching a stone and fulfilling one of my dreams! (I would love it if you left a comment telling me your thoughts on this post!)

Last year, mum and I had a car crash. My first reaction was to check my teeth were all intact. My second was the regret that I haven’t published a book. I have always loved the power of words and how they live on even after we are gone. At the time my book was, and still is, only a quarter written and in its first draft.

Recently, I emailed it to some friends for feedback. Now I realise that actually part of my dream is being fulfilled because my book is being read. Life is touching that stone regardless of it not being a Tie yet.

But I have now said it and acknowledged it, so I will remember it. How many dreams and desires of yours have manifested that you have simply forgotten?

Take some time to stop at the station and admire the view. The view that is your life.