The Real Reasons for UKIP’s Rise

Culminating aggression, racism, sexism and Islamaphobia begs the question: why has the UK Independence Party’s popularity increased?

Immigration and welfare are the two major issues concerning the nation. After the triple recession, the nation suffered mass unemployment resulting in the call for drastic change. And now with the economy in a state of slow recovery, voters are swaying to the radical right.

ukipPeople want change and they want it fast. Although unemployment figures are dropping substantially, UKIP are preying on “outsiders taking our jobs” and the fear of immigration. But UKIP also escalated the over-exaggerated claims that millions of Romanians and Bulgarians will flood the gates in the New Year. This failed to materialise, but UKIP are still using immigrants as scapegoats in their bid to win votes prior to the European Elections. They did not tell people that the triple recession caused mass unemployment – not immigrants.

As well as the fear of immigration, people are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis and the unequal distribution of wealth. Are immigrants really the problem and is UKIP really the solution? The banks are to blame for lending too much money and taking large bonuses. When the Labour Party was in power, they encouraged everyone to obtain university degrees. This left us without home-grown skilled workers. And the current coalition have created a class divide by cutting benefits and implementing the practise of class that was an idea subsumed under the banner of multiculturalism and diversity.

The uncontrollable economy, subsequent governments and the current government are accountable for unemployment and the current welfare situation. Not immigrants or individual religions, races and communities living within the UK. But UKIP clearly have no care for accountability shown by the fact that UKIP candidate William Henwood resigned for his racist comments towards Lenny Henry but was not sacked.

Nigel Farage seems to have the solutions that people want to hear. These are the kind of solutions that will result in the prevention of EU nationals entering the country while he employs his German wife.

So whether or not you want to be part of the European Union, it is worth questioning if UKIP is the answer to the nation’s problems.