Politics, People and Power


On many recent discussion and debate shows, young people have aired the same concerns – that the government is neither for them, with them or about them. Disengaged in politics because of a lack of trust or the feeling that politicians do not understand them, young people feel that they are neither represented nor helped by the government and its policies.

One of the ways we should be thinking about addressing the issue of our lack of democracy and representation of the youth and young people is through Humanity Online; a website that is being developed where there is one page per issue per location, meaning you can voice your opinion on any issue and work together with an online community to ensure it is heard.

We can overcome many issues just by working together. Humanity Online urges just this – unity instead of adversary. All people and organisations will be able to contribute to identifying what the issue is, and get involved in developing or implementing initiatives that address it.

Humanity Online would be an excellent platform for young people to voice their opinions and feel that their words will lead to positive change. Many politicians have responded to young people by saying that they do not know how to engage young people in politics without seeming overbearing or the enemy. Humanity Online would be an excellent channel of interaction between the government and young people. I believe that this is going to be future of engaging young people in politics and providing a path between Parliament and the people.

To join in, visit: www.humanityonline.org/