Chemical Reaction: One Minute Read

The body experiences many chemical reactions. These are often called emotions. Anger is a common emotion. Sometimes we feel angry when somebody jumps the queue because it is a pure injustice.
Sometimes we feel anger towards those taking too long at the till because we are in a rush.
Sometimes we feel anger towards those who hurt us.

When we are angry, we may commonly say ‘how could she do that to me?’ or ‘I am too good to be treated like that’.
These comments, however, are part of the ego.

As I have previously stated, the ego is not something we are born with but is constructed over time. The more we feed the ego the less we remember what is important.

And the last but most beautiful chemical reaction of all – love. Love is more than a chemical reaction, it lives with the soul forever. If it didn’t, there would be no such concept as a soulmate, or we wouldn’t say that our loved ones remain with us after they die.

It is important to remember that anger eventually fades, the ego dies with the body but love lives on forever. So be wise who you give your heart to, but be wiser to recognise when you let the emotion of love give way to the construct of the ego and temporary anger.