If my neighbour peered out of her window right now, she would think I am crazy,

But I am doing what one should experience at least once in one’s life; I am star-gazing.

My body is spread out like the shape of a star, or a starfish on the beach,

But the starfish and the stars are so far away, while only sun-kissed grass is in my reach.

It is funny how the shape of a star fish resembles a star, that resembles me,

And I gaze out of eyes that are made of trillions of atoms, more than the stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

The galaxy which seems so far and out of reach, so vast in comparison to my body,

Yet something bigger is in my body, and that is only one part of me.

In that sense the star and I are alike, the star my eye in the vast galaxy,

Just imagine the power of the entire body; it is more than the eye can see.

Descartes stated ‘I think, therefore I am’, never doubting the power of thought,

Ever had a dream where in reality and dream limbo you were caught?

The thought and the unconscious together make a powerful entity,

And when you can control your mind you can control your creativity.

We are all creators of our own lives, events and universe,

And when we want to we can accomplish what may seem ginormous.

When we start to believe that we can rather than state that we want which means we lack,

We acknowledge that what we strive for is searching for us back.

The universe conspires in helping us get what we want to achieve, Coelho said,

So look for the signs that will help you forge ahead.

Part of a collective consciousness where we all are one,

The universe is infinite but our journeys have just begun,

Success is in the journey not the destination, I once said,

And lying here I see that many journeys lie ahead.

As I gaze up at the stars, in the galaxy, a million miles away,

I realise that we are all connected in each and every way.

And this realization leads me to believe that if we help one another, look for the signs, open our eyes and believe,

We can all become what we want to achieve.