The Joy in Journey

When walking in a forest, parts of the path are smooth. But some parts have rocks that cause us to stumble and fall. We endure cuts and grazes but while walking along the path they eventually heal. Some of the trees in the forest let the light shine upon us while some create shade. It is a mixture of fear and hope that drives us to find the light again – but we eventually find it. When sailing in a boat, the thunderstorm causes the sail to break so we rebuild it in the fight to survive and in the face of death. Some days the water is calm and serene where the horizon blends in with the sky. When climbing a mountain, our physical ability is tested as well as our relationship with nature. After enduring the shade in the forest, the stormy waters and an uphill trek, we realize we can conquer the world.  The best and most important part of reaching the final destination is the journey that it takes to arrive – enjoy and embrace it for nothing will teach you more. Your destination is not a place, it is in each step you take. The journey will always hold more value than the destination because reaching the end of the forest, or the island after sailing or the top of a mountain will always feel better when you know what it took to get there.