What would you attempt to do if failure was not an option?


Tick tock on the clock. Two weeks until the deadline. A blank document awaits 5000 words; a pile of books filled with thoughts are waiting to be opened, analysed and critiqued; and the outcome? It can only be success. What do you do? What would you attempt to do if failure was not an option?

Boarding the first train to university, I questioned how I would complete the task of reading, researching, writing and editing a 5000 word essay within two weeks. Generally writing down a list of tasks and to-dos always help relieve your mind but somehow my bursting diary was not helping. It felt like an impossible task but one that I had to, needed to, fulfil because failure just is not an option.

After raiding the library and attempting to work, I began to realise that one of the things slowing me down was my fear; my fear of not completing the task on time. And then I realised it was time for self-control. ‘If you conquer your mind, you conquer the world.’ We are, after all, part of a greater cosmic consciousness. And when we perceive ourselves in relation to the universe, we are capable of infinite possibilities; our minds have infinite capabilities. We are all born with power to do; as we grow we are given the power to know; and as we learn we are given chance to be more than we ever knew we could be.

The past two weeks have been a huge learning curve for me. With each essay I write, I generally take the time to nurture it. My advice to people is to write from the heart because only then will the words flow onto the page like blood in your veins – only from love does the page light up. When we are anxious, worried, in doubt or in fear, we stop that natural flow of passion and love but it does not get us anywhere. But we must always remember: there is nothing that is impossible. If you put your heart, mind and soul into something, it is achievable because not only are you willing it into your life, as the laws of alchemy state, but because every second you breathe you are reminded what you are striving towards.

To keep myself motivated, I read various blogs and even my friend’s Facebook statuses inspired me. My friend Amit Sodha wrote a compelling article on finding your leverage – finding what motivates you. What is your driving force? And my dear friend quoted Ralph Keyes on her Facebook status: “If you are not scared, you are not writing.” This has stayed with me because it is true that every writer has some fear. But as one of my favourite quotations states: ‘courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear.’

I knew that if I failed to meet the deadline, I would fail myself because I set myself the task to meet the challenge and I was determined to see it through. I pushed myself to the limits to test myself. “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” (T.S Eliot) I knew that ‘pain is only temporary but giving up stays with you forever.’

Some tips on how to make a molehill out of a mountain:

*make a schedule/plan for everyday and make sure you complete the tasks you have set out for the day – you will realise that you do have enough time! And be realistic!

*do one thing at a time and focus only on that one thing; don’t think about the other tasks that you may yet have to complete.

*Remember what your driving force is! What is keeping you going? You may realise that the challenge itself and your determination is what is driving you.

*Believe in yourself! You are capable of doing whatever you believe you are capable of. When you say you ‘can’t’ it is not because you mentally or physically cannot but that is you telling yourself you are not willing to try. Nothing is impossible.

*Last of all see each task as a new lesson learned. Sitting here now after these two weeks, I realised that although I was striving towards an end goal, the journey has taught me the most fundamental lessons. I learnt strength of character, the power of one’s will and determination and that anything is achievable! So with every task you carry out, think of it as a lesson in itself. You are growing with each page you read, with each word you write.

Today I submitted my essay – a day before the deadline! I even managed to attain an interview with one of the theorists I was writing on to add as an extra piece to my essay. Although I succeeded in fulfilling this challenge, I am grateful for the journey that my essay-writing has taken me on. I hope that this article has shown you that you are a capable being. And also, I hope it has, if you have not realised yourself, that your path to success is exactly that – a path and journey full of lessons. Just like a road is built, you have built yourself, your mind, your strength of character. Look back right now and be proud of how far down this strong road you have come.