The Roots of Success

When we plant a seed, the sky provides water and light, thus the flower grows and provides aesthetic beauty for us humans and pollen for the bees.  If we did not have flowers, the entire cycle of nature and life would be dramatically affected. But although the flower is vital to nature, how often do we measure the success of a flower?

On a daily basis, companies compete with one another; job applicants face their competition in the company’s waiting room; and life is a race where everybody wants to be a winner. It is common to hear the phrase “I want that promotion” or “I want to achieve greatness.” Of course we should strive to achieve but in the race of life, how often do we take a pit stop to look at how far we have come? We are our own biggest critiques but not always our own best friends.

How often have you heard somebody say “I tried to do something but I failed”?  People constantly measure their achievements and success either in relation to others or in relation to failure. By changing our attitudes towards failure, we can redefine it as meaning success in learning a lesson. And if we stop measuring success, we will realise that to do ‘something’ is better than nothing.

So although the economy, businesses, family and other important aspects of our lives could not survive without us, and vice versus, we should believe that that alone is enough; we are making a difference just by being. Humans are too busy trying to be that we forget that we are.

The roots of success lie, like with the flower, in growing and developing under both rainy and sunny days, providing beauty through our actions towards others, but also standing firmly rooted in the ground in still contemplation-  recognising that just be being alive we are already making a difference and contributing to the circle of life.