Women of the World Unite

Women of the World Unite. Feminism has thankfully become a worldwide phenomenon. Being a feminist does not entail hatred for men, nor does it require women to constantly acknowledge their position as a woman. It requires, from both men and women, a respect for female-kind. Being a feminist means accepting that both men and women are equal.

Women have, for centuries, fought for equal rights. In their career, domesticity, politics and social relations, women have pursued the fight for equality. Also, reports rapidly show how women are abused and objectified by men.

However, little has been reported on how women are oppressed by women. Office politics certainly does not stay between those on the shop floor. It extends to a resentment towards the woman sitting in the managerial seat; in her own office. And the term that both men and women use for such a woman – the type dedicated to succeeding in her work – the ‘Alpha’ female. Although we are conscious of how men dislike female authority in the workplace, it must be highlighted that women feel inferior to their female manager.

Not only do the nails come clawing out in the workplace, but also in the playground. How many times have you casually used the term ‘slag’ or similar terminology towards a woman? Have you ever stopped to think that such a derogatory term not only abuses women, but gives men the right to also abuse women.

Equality may be sought. Men and women may achieve equality in every aspect of life. But unless attitudes towards women change, we will never gain equality. Women need to change their attitudes towards other women; we must support one another.

When we seek to create change, we must first change our minds. So, in our minds, in our language, in our actions – let us unite.