I give myself to You.

To “justify the ways of God to me” like Milton;

this I cannot do. because God is unknown to me

how he is unknown to you.

And if he is in your mind and soul

like the Gita tells us so, why is it that man has great

falls if God lives in us all.

We say that Eve was tempted

we spake of the serpant Satan

and Adam of no thought of his own was herd

But in all of this where did the omnipotent fall

if not from grace for not saving mankind from hell.

From sin. No, no, it was for free will that our almighty

was silent, and on his behalf our society will spake.

For our laws our restrictions are presented not by him

but by all who thinks we are better than onself. ready

to judge, to tell, to preach, what God wants, what must be.

But I am not an atheist and have no anger,

Just questioning that judgemental notion that

we must all adhere to principles wholly manmade.

For a truly religious Sikh knows not to judge, Christian

believers know that Judgement Day will come.

This earth is but a mere insight in to what is yet to come

so we must know forever more we will forever succumb

to a greater ‘good’ if not be it the almighty it be our society

guiding us to what is ‘good’

guiding us to what is ‘right’.


I know it is not myth that with age and memories comes that faculty of wisdom

the tree, experience is its leaf, the roots – the head grown strong.

one twig breaks another forms. However if we take these twigs

to mean relationships we understand why the bark wrinkles.

For relationships become the burden of one’s heart; of ones soul.

My teachers are my friends. My friends are my

confidents. And enemies? They say keep your friends

close and your enemies closer but in practise does that really

work? The fake friendships being untrue to thineself; living in fear.

Is it not better to diminish of all evil and live peacefully if ever there

were such a thing!

I have been told to detest those who are jealous,

and I agree to some extent in this fantasy. And by the real it must

be so that the one who hates is full of sorrow.

To vent his anger upon thine, in a vulgur detestation

removes oneself from the almighty.

For the almighty surely says love all mankind.

and said Michael too; “they are all my brothers”

poor old Michael tried to heal the world but man did not give him

the chance. In all selfish desires we work for our best interests.

And when we work for others it seems that we reap rewards,

As Mother Teresa; who lived well on $11 million I hear

and Martin Luther the King of rights, with endless affairs sought

justice. When will you give up? and see, these people are

just people and just want the best for you and me.

They can do wrong and we can be saints.

so turn those foes to friends and see that the people dying

right now are suffering more than thee.


Redemption seems the key to life, well a successful

one at that. We must act in selfless ways to protect

one another in this competitive world. We must join forces

not in the ways of Blair and his armies but with hearts of

gold, let those rivers flow, let them spread on shores

like open showers.

Spread that love and don’t give up as the inevitable

can be sought like the defiance of gravity. To touch the

moon; soak the burning sun is his miracle.

We are trapped in the thoughts of our minds and fail to stop.

Trying to race ahead. But there will always be a rock

which slows us, and create that tumble where we will fall.

Will we allow it to stop us entirely or will we stand up

STAND UP for what we want. LEAP with Kierkegaard.

And realise now the pace is slower, who will we meet

and who will we lose? On the same path.


Life brings loss. Friendships end and those

who were once trusted are forgotten in disappointment.

Those who last, last for life, in the soul, and in all strife.

It seems that man can fight, can learn, can achieve and be

who he wants to be, but Death is the inevitable. We must embrace

the little time we have to do as we wish and do as we please.

I am at a crossway with a missing sign, which way do I turn?

Must I decide? Why cannot these all-knowing clairvoyents

read me the stars? We may be in a world not of our own making

but we have a say in how it is shaped. The key to growing

up is how we deal with the decisions we make.


Like Mill’s utilitarianism I must too, live for me,

but also for you. The selfless act is the better one,

but like I said – God and Judgement Day will come.

I detest those stereotypical names bred by all but no man is

an island. All of our lives are intertwined. We must live as one.

We are man.

Now I am no Milton, and cannot justify the ways of God to men.

I can merely justify the ways of God to I. In hope he will not

leave me, in hope he will not kill my faith, in hope he will

let my salvation be the key to that gateway.

I give myself to You.