Sign Language

Sign Language of the Universe: signs are presented to those who want to see; to those who are ready to see; and to those who believe.

Have you ever spoken about something in particular to find that a moment later you experience something associated with what you were talking about? Or have you experienced an uncanny coincidence where you are thinking about something and then it appears in front of you?

Nothing is coincidental. Nothing is accidental. Every occurrence, every incident is the language of the universe speaking in signs. Signs are everywhere and present themselves in various forms. When we fall or when we drop things – these are all signs of the universe speaking to our energy. We send signals to the universe and the energy that we send out responds to us. Everything is conditioned by our mind, our thoughts and our actions. Allow for me to elaborate.

Derren Brown set up an experiment in which he convinced an entire town that a statue of a dog in their local area was a ‘lucky’ sacred dog. He told them that it would bring them luck if they rubbed it and made a wish. During this experiment, many people confessed that they had rubbed the dog and experienced a bout of good luck.

But the good luck that they experienced was not because of this dog, it was because they believed that they were going to be lucky, so inevitably thought positively and looked for the signs that were presented to them. Their belief that they would be lucky heightened their awareness and therefore the sign language of the universe became more evident and explicit.

However, one of the residents of the town claimed that he is unlucky in life. Derren Brown set up artificial signs for this man such as placing a £50 note on the ground where the man would walk passed. But this man did not see the note. He did not see it because of his belief that he is unlucky. His mind was closed to the prospect of luck and therefore he did not see. To reiterate my previous statement, signs are presented to those who want to see. They are presented to those who think positively; inevitably a negative mind set will close off opportunities. The universe never stops sending signals if one is meant to see.

If you think with a positive mind, it is likely that you will experience positive events and occurrences because your mind is open to the possibility of positivity. The converse is also true. A negative mind is closed to positive affects therefore one feels that they are experiencing bad luck; purely because their energy is negative and therefore attracting negativity from the universe. This can be simply understood by the scenario that one will not receive a smile if one is frowning.

Perception is not about what you see but whether you want to see something and how you see it. So, send out positive vibes to the universe and it will respond with a positive sign. Shut out the negative force field. Read the Sign Language of the Universe because it may be presenting you with some profound knowledge or opportunity that could be life changing.