Anila Dhami: Short Poems

It has been a long time since I have written poetry. I find that contemporary society no longer gratifies poetry in the way it was appreciated once upon a time. Yet I find that poetry conveys such deep emotions that, as a form of writing, it should never be dismissed. The short poems that I have written below are based around famous quotes that I have found applicable and important in my life; either from my own experiences or behaviour that I have seen in other people.

‘Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You’

The saying goes; ‘good riddance to those

Who didn’t make it to my present,

They are in the past for a reason.’

They didn’t make it because they

were good to me for a short period of time.

That period of time when I was on that step.

That period of time when I needed their help.

I have moved on and met others,

I no longer need those who I left in

the past. I am doing well. Good riddance

to them. I am on the top. Good riddance

to them. I do not need the ladder anymore.

I look around me. They didn’t do as well as me.

That’s their problem. They didn’t make it

to my present for a reason.

‘Treat Others How You Wish To Be Treated’

Scandals, lies and office politics,

Drama, cheating, drunken frolics.

False devotion; promotion.

A friend, an enemy

Which one is which?

I don’t care, I want to get rich.

Help me please, you are so kind,

Help me please, you are so blind.

A car, a house, I have it all,

Heart felt shame for your fall.

Now at the end of my life I ask,

For a little more comfort and ease,

For this home is a little bit of a scare,

If only they gave a little more care.

‘The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side’

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world,

Visit India or Africa where I would teach,

Maybe I’ll organise a fundraiser.

I’ve always wanted to explore this Earth like an emerald,

And learn all about nature and about my country,

But today, I ask for a rainfall, for just one drop of water.

‘Let Love Go, If It Comes Back, Its Yours For Sure’


Mummy is reading Cinderella to me,

I wish I was a princess, that’s what I want to be.

It’s my first day at school,

I am wearing my princess shoes that sparkle.

Shopping with my friend for my high school ball,

I need a tiara, a gown, and glass slippers to look tall.

It’s the day of my wedding; I am dressed in all white,

My Prince Charming awaits me; my hero, my knight.

(All of our lives we wait for true love. Why let it go when you finally find it?)