An insight into being the Head of Business and Marketing

Marketing isn’t just about putting a name and slogan on a business or organisation. It doesn’t sell itself. And today I learned that Marketing is in fact such a key factor within charitable and voluntary organisations, that without it, it cannot exist.

Waking up at what seemed such an early time of 7am, firstly because I am university student so typically lie-in, and secondly because of the gushing wind and rain outside my window, I tell myself ‘this is the life of a working woman.’ Immediately I take on the role as the Head of New Business and Marketing for the charity organisation ‘Headliners,’ a specialist organisation giving children and young people the opportunity to gain experience in the media industry.

My first task of the day is to travel down to Belvedere in Bexley for a meeting with the heads of voluntary organisations in the area. Government spending cuts and the budget review proves to be a hot topic in this meeting because this is a chief source of funding for many of the organisations. With spending cuts being made, the voluntary sector must make cuts in employment. As a result of this issue, the attendees of the meeting discuss the possibility of collaboration where the differing organisations can join together in partnership to support one another.

After a brainstorm and discussion, we collectively decide that values, aims and objectives, and trust are fundamental elements of collaboration, as there must be transparency when joining in partnership with other organisations. During the meeting I realise that there are many benefits of partnership  – 1. sharing resources saves money; 2.the organisations can share their strengths in methodology; 3. duplicity in services can be eliminated, once again reducing spending in one geographical area

This meeting left me feeling very positive about the future of the voluntary sector.

Back at the office, I then had the chance to review various types of fundraising applications; all varying in length and questions, but mainly concerned with the financial situation of the organisation. I admire Kelly White, who I am shadowing for the day, as she holds ‘Headliners’ afloat by continuously applying for funds and ensuring that the correct organisations are chosen for collaboration.

So the head of Business and Marketing,  for a charitable or voluntary organisation, is an essential agent who keeps the organisation running. If an organisation did not network, have a precise knowledge of its finances and accounts, understand and be able to explain its core values, aims and objectives, it would seize to exist.

Just a few of the voluntary services available:

1. ‘Headliners’ – (East London) working with children and young people who aspire to enter the media sector.

2. ‘vinvolved’ – (East London) encouraging young people to get involved with volunteering opportunities which reflect their interests and passions. Can be anything from a one-off /1hour a week / 30hours a week.

3. ‘SOVA’ – mentoring young people aged 11-21 and mentoring parents.

4. ‘MENCAP’ – specialise in working with people who have learning disabilities.