Youth sector services under scrutiny

This summer I travelled around the country with a team from journalism company ‘Headliners’ to conduct broadcast interviews for the organisation ‘Centre for Excellence and Outcomes’ (C4EO).


C4EO work with local authorities to improve the youth sector; discussing useful ways to improve services and to ensure that young people in need of help are receiving effective care.

Speakers included Polly Toynbee from The Guardian and MP Tim Loughton. They urged the importance of focusing on the aspects that are working successfully in the youth sector and the need to implement these successful methods into the areas that are not working as productively.

Bringing some reality to the conferences were young people themselves, who had been in the youth care system, and had been asked to give speeches. Their life experiences were touching and made me realise how vital it is for the system to be developed so that children and young people can receive the help they individually need, in order to build a better life for themselves.

After these conferences, I feel confident and hopeful for the improvement of the youth sector and for the future of those affected by youth services.