Punjabi English Stage Play

Who would have thought that a drama based on a Punjabi man who is feeling the stress of having to provide for his family would be so comical?

Maybe it was the amusing fact that his gold-digger mother claimed to have missed her son while he was on his travels, but could not wait to get rid of him when she realised he had not brought back any money with him.

It may have been the hilarious acting of the drunken father who represented the thing that Punjabi’s are most notoriously famous for – drinking!

Or maybe it was all of these entertaining realities of a Punjabi family living in India, or even England, to which the audience could relate. This was apparent as many audience members shouted out the lines of the script before it had been acted on stage. The relationship between a mother and her son, a man and his wife, or in this case two wives, and the complicated life of a daughter born into a poor family made this drama real but with a funny edge.

This witty and very successful Punjabi English stage play called Thorri Dair Thhair Jaa (Wait a moment) was shown on Sunday 12th September at Grays Library, Thurrock where the talented actors and director and script-writer Arjun Reyat performed to a full-house.