Reflection on the General Election

Four months after the media chaos, frenzy among households and battle between the supporters of the three leading parties, I feel the need to reflect upon my interview with MP Charles Kennedy.
Thursday 6th May 2010 marked a memorable occasion – the Labour party were booted out after their 12 year reign and a coalition government set to take charge over the landslide and turmoil of an England far from its Golden Age.

The picturesque Houses of Parliament were decorated for the season of Christmas. As I walked up the large, authentic steps of Westminster, entering the air of dominance and walls of authority, I felt somewhat empowered and ready to gruel a man who partakes in the ruling of our country.

As the camera team setup, I prepared by asking Kennedy a few questions so that he knew what to expect from the interview. But he seemed to be asking me more questions than I asked him! And as the camera rolled, he answered each question like a true professional; almost robot-like, without a single word out of place. He spoke about key issues that affect young people, such as university fees, school improvements and in general what the Liberal Democrat Party stands for. I found it quite an honour and insight to be able to question key policies.

As the interview came to an end, I wished him good luck for the General Election. Never in a million years did I think the Liberal Democrats had a chance to come into power! And although the Conservative Party is the dominant party of the coalition government, the Liberal Democrats are standing their ground too. England has seen quite a positive change with the Lib Dems such as more funding for schools and pupils and reducing taxes for low income earners. It seems that MP Charles Kennedy and his party have stood by their party values. And it looks like my ‘good luck’ paid off!